Lisa Sommerhuber



fitness club, Rio de Janeiro
Diploma project, studio GREG LYNN, University of Applied Arts Vienna
with great support from the studio, friends and family!
spring 11

Academia Somaesthetica envisions a new perception of interior and exterior through the human body.

The stage for this experience is an urban outdoor fitness club at the splendid open activity space of the Copacabana beach promenade, which is known as the largest and busiest outdoor sports field in the world, situated right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

Academia Somaesthetica elevates outdoor fitness to a new, urban dimension.



installation, Vienna
LISA SOMMERHUBER (Project Assistant)
exhibited at Viennafair 2010 (06.05.-09.05.2010)

SpiKloud captivates with undulating surfaces and atmospheric depths, with a smooth silhouette yet a spiky texture.
The installation is white - but in the deep cells the sensuous figure reveals gradients of diffuse light and shimmering color. Like a viscous mass or an ephemeral cloud, the elastic structure adapts to its environment.

SpiKloud, shown at Viennafair 2010 (6.5.-9.5.), can be folded flat and rolled up for easy transportation. It is made from an array of laser cut foils of Tyvek. These layers get glued together while simply mounted on a vertical, flat surface.

Once expanded, each cell deforms into a unique diamond like shape depending on its position within the intricate structure and contributes to an ideal distribution of forces. Density and rhythm of the pattern define structural capacity or flexibility of the lightweight fabric.



boarding school, South England
studio GREG LYNN, University of Applied Arts Vienna
with Katarina Barunica, Melina Angelina Girardi and Siim Tuksam
spring 09

Challenging the relation of landscape to building, this campus offers undulating exteriors inside a monolithic block. The surrounding nature is straightened.
Plain, cubic interiors serve focused activity while the continuous sequence of courtyards and transition spaces offers a variety of places to stay, gather or escape.
As interiors get excavated and deformed, the landscape breaks through the mass and creates apertures through which it penetrates and reorganizes the interior.

for further information please visit bagisotu



Underground outdoor venue and concert hall, Vienna
studio GREG LYNN, University of Applied Arts Vienna
fall 08

A wavy landscape leads to the entrance. The cantilevering platform teases to descend into the awesome hole. Between the hole and the concert hall hanging in it, light wells get channeled into the darkness, but reflective surfaces obscure the extents of the vast space. From this underground outdoor venue, one goes upstairs into the concert hall and the intermission space which offers views through the floor.



rotating space station, orbit
studio GREG LYNN, University of Applied Arts Vienna
spring 08

exhibited as part of the exhibition «Other Space Odysseys: Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan, Alessandro Poli» at the Canadian Center for Architecture, Montréal, Québec, 8.4.-6.9.2010

for further information please visit Lisa Sommerhuber's Personal Cargo on Space Collective



athletic club, Chicago
crossover studio KIVI SOTAMAA, University of Applied Arts Vienna
fall 07

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