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01/04/2009 + pinup

inro text:

typically there exists a rigid division between industry, research and public in the same way as notions of landscape and city were untill recently usually viewed as oppositions.
contemporary understanding of innovation and research is based on the collaboration of these parts, with different levels of involvement from academia, industry and public.

in a similar way I want to use the integration of building and landscape in urban environment to organise circulation in order to provide new coincidences in the program and to modify the rigid thresholds.

the program of the project is a robotic technology park in barcelon
- the site represents a meeting point of several conditions, it is the centre of the district 22 in which is becoming the innovation centre in fields ranging from electronics to biomedical a nd media.
- this project connects industry, academia, to the urban renewal of an industrial area.
- instead of placing a classical gated park in the centre I propose to program the landscape in order to create higher density of actions.

my understanding of robotics is can be expressed also as controlled motion, which represents an important point in my project.

—- I worked on the circulation diagram to create variability in how the crossing the site relates to moving through the building

—- as I was suggested that the topic of robotics implies a substantial expression in the architecture itself I was looking at ways how to use mechanical movement - transformation, to modify architectural conditions. so that there would be two ways of adaptation to conditions - one in the form itself (regarding slow or permanent conditions) and in adaptation to changing conditions (according to program-activity and expressing this activity to the outside)

- moving surface
- moving volumes in relation to the topography


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- - - - - - to look at the site, follow the link and try the google street view google map

- - - - - - an article about kinetic design at core 77 kinetic design

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