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Re: Massing References by Stefan RitterStefan Ritter, 02 Apr 2009 18:25
Re: Massing References by martin mureromartin murero, 02 Apr 2009 12:55
Re: Massing References by Kristy BallietKristy Balliet, 24 Mar 2009 14:20

Please Post your references here

Massing References by Kristy BallietKristy Balliet, 24 Mar 2009 14:20

It´s fun to just browse, but also might be great for research:

Here is a list of all Flickr Architecture related groups:

especially the campus one seems currently interesting:

Hi all !

It is a lot easier if you use flickr to store the files and embed them with a line of code. Flickr is free and automatically provides you with a multitude of picture sizes, functions etc.

This is the code:

[[module FlickrGallery photosetId="72157615359892040" tagMode="all" size="square" perPage="8"]]

Just replace the photosetID with your gallery ID.

Embedding Pictures by Oliver BertramOliver Bertram, 19 Mar 2009 07:04

Go to the top left of the page. You see your name and a link to "My Account". Clicking on "My Account" will bring you to your user preferences. Go to Watching and uncheck "Send me email instant notifications with new events. "

That´s it.

under my account look up watching
u can change settings or unwatch the page.


how can i turn off all these hundreds of email-notifications i get when anyone of you changes anything in their profile/ posts in the forum/ etc. ?
good ideas, anyone?
olli? ;)
bist jetzt stolz auf mich?


Tools for Data storage by joseph hjoseph h, 17 Mar 2009 14:36

who are u?

Re: Next Aims by joseph hjoseph h, 17 Mar 2009 09:34
Next Aims
(account deleted) 16 Mar 2009 15:51
in discussion Studio Lynn general / Study Trips » Next Aims

Until only space travel is left.

Next Aims by (account deleted), 16 Mar 2009 15:51
(account deleted) 16 Mar 2009 15:50
in discussion Diploma / Taks and Updates to Deliverables » Tasks

It would be great if you could add you pdfs as well as a written text description so that the content is searchable.

Tasks by (account deleted), 16 Mar 2009 15:50

It was a really great trip and it would be great if everybody had access to the thousands of pictures!
flickr:3359630026 flickr:3359629186


  • Good plan and section drawings, now develop 3D diagrams + renderings.
  • You must clearly articulate your architectural ambitions when presenting. Avoid confusing analogies (e.g. "fill and stroke") unless they comprehensively relate to what you are trying to achieve.
  • Presentation will become easier once you understand your building systems.


  • Overall programmatic distribution and massing looks good
  • Reconsider how the "tail" of the concert hall meets existing buildings…remove them or adjust your architecture


  • AGGRESSIVELY develop your structural/enclosure system (or systems) for Greg's visit.
  • Develop the 'intense edge' and how it works as an interface. Develop the gradiant.


  • Develop the 'sneak and peek' aspect of your project. Reference: Gehry Bilbao
  • Create a Mood Board of potential approached and experiences.
MID REVIEW 26.11.2008 by justin dilesjustin diles, 04 Dec 2008 11:56


  • Circulation requires a different type of language
  • Develop relationship to vertical shaft elevator to the reactor
  • You the flow of circulation in a more specific way. Design the spaces to accommodate the differences in speed, direction and intention.


  • You need to explore the formal potentials of the system and geometry
  • Research geometric approach more specifically. What is the difference between unrollabe, developable, and hyperboloid.
  • Work in plan to splay surfaces in order to incorporate variation in transitions and volumes. References: Richard Serra


  • You need to immediately develop the roofscape and the landscape. Both need to have more of a role in the overall design.
  • Develop the visual connection gateway for the campus
  • Seems too monolithic from the exterior
  • Develop relationship to vertical shaft elevator to the reactor


  • Can the walls of the hyperboloids thicken to accommodate more intimate program?
  • What is the narrative of the exhibition spaces?


MID REVIEW 26.11.2008 by justin dilesjustin diles, 04 Dec 2008 11:46


  • Project will be stronger without regular post and beam system at perimeter. (This is the logic of the current Angewandte.) Develop this zone within the overall language
  • Think about making both the ramp and perimeter systems structural—the program can span between


  • It is not necessary to partition the programmatic zone into regular intervals—teaching styles may change over the life of the building. (Think of the flexible space at OSU…where program can expand and contract.)
  • Consider softer, flexible ways to define zones.
  • Is it necessary that the programmatic zone is always the same width? Perhaps it can inflect to provide larger and smaller spaces.
  • Reconsider the "office pods" in ramp zone…they do not seem to work with the concept
  • Do you have an acoustical strategy?


  • Develop the non-ramp vertical circulation (elevators, stairs)
  • You should test the subtle qualities of the ramp in a 3d print and overall integration in the large scale study model.
  • You need to develop design approach to Entry and Courtyard.
  • Increase the connectivity of the ramp and remove the standard stairwells in the courtyards.


  • Develop the exterior system: what does it do? how does it mask or show what is happening inside? can it be structural?
  • You describe the exterior as "ramp becomes facade"; what do you mean specifically?
  • What is your specific architectural agenda for the exterior?
  • How does the roof work with the facade?  Is it the same system? How does it bring light into the interior? How is it structured?
  • Does the ramp erode parts or is the façade created around the ramp?
  • It could work better to have all ramps connect? They could intersect in multiple ways.
MID REVIEW 26.11.2008 by justin dilesjustin diles, 04 Dec 2008 11:44


  • You MUST be able to say in 3-4 sentences A) what you want to achieve with your project and B) how your project pursues this ambition!


  • Currently you do not have the drawings needed to describe your project. Most of your review was spent trying to understand the organization of your project because the drawings were either unclear or not present.

Specifically, you need:

  • Clear site plan drawing(s) / How does your building relate to the urban context and the extreme topography?
  • Floor plans clearly showing programmatic organization + circulation
  • Multiple sections showing programmatic relationships + vertical circulation
  • 3D diagrams highlighting circulation and primary volumetric relationships
  • 3D massing model showing how the building relates to the site
  • A series of 2D & 3D drawings describing your enclosure system: its range of possibilities and tectonic reality


  • The jury was confused by the "commercial", "public", "public-private" and "private" designations mentioned in your presentation. You should simplify/clarify your designations.
  • Circulation seemed overly confusing: do you need multiple "main" entries or separate entries for "public" and "private"?
  • If you do have multiple entries, how does this decision support your architectural ambition? How does the circulation system cleverly accommodate multiple access points? Does having multiple entries help the building negotiate a complex site? If so, you must be able to clearly explain this AND show how it works with drawings and diagrams.


  • It is unclear how or why the vertical facade system becomes the horizontal floor plates: is this simply metaphorical or truly performative?
  • Clearly define your goals for the modular enclosure system, then design the system along those lines.
  • Does the same system extend to the roof?
  • What is the environmental goal of the system: how does it mediate between interior and exterior in different zones of the building?
  • Structure: what is the primary structural system of the project?
MID REVIEW 26.11.2008 by justin dilesjustin diles, 04 Dec 2008 11:42
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