bagisotu // MASSIVE EFFECT

the landscape inside
Lisa Sommerhuber, Siim Tuksam, Melina Angelina Girardi, Katarina Barunica

School of Rock // FINALS







Challenging the relation of landscape to building, this campus offers undulating exteriors inside a monolithic block. The surrounding nature is straightened.
Plain, cubic interiors serve focussed activity while the continuous sequence of courtyards and transition spaces offers a variety of places to stay, gather or escape.
As interiors get excavated and deformed, the landscape breaks through the mass and creates apertures through which it penetrates and reorganizes the interior.

Connecting the spaces to one building // WITH BRENNAN BUCK

massing and organisation


Design goal
Our design goal is to oppose simple interors to articulate outdoor spaces separated by mass. These two worlds interact: The undulating landscape breaks through the the perimeter and invades the otherwise simple interior rooms.

When you are in such a room, the manipulated geometry pulls your attention to the point of breakthrough. At this aperture, you are still enclosed, but the aperture itself and the surfaces that bleed through it belong to the world of the landscape.

One big block is assembled out of several discreet blocks that each contain the rooms of one programmatic unit. The artificial landscape gets carved into these programmatic blocks, responding to each program’s needs, and forms a continuous net of courtyards and transition spaces. When only one of two adjacet blocks is carved out, the side of the other blocks is displayed.

As the landscape comes closer to the interior volumes, it leaves imprints on their simple geometry. When the landscape even penetrates the volume, the deformed and cut through surface of the interior becomes an aperuture. The undulating surfaces of the landscape form furniture in the interiors.

The block lands on the ground brutally. When the full height of the block is carved away, the ground of the natural surrounding rises and forms hills with greens within the artificial landscape. They do also bleed out of the block twice. It is also over these bleeding hills, where you enter the block. Towards the street, they create a plaza and in the west, they surround the orthogonal sports fields.

The entire building looks as if it consisted out of one homogenious material that has a rough pattern on the outside, that is flat on the planes of the interior spaces and smooth on the undulating geometry. The depth of the rough pattern increases where ligtht is needed, creating a thick screen.
The only other material is the rising soil, with greens on it.

S - M - L // MIDTERM

zooming in at single rooms and their adjacent outdoor spaces

small: dorm room
medium: lecture hall
large: courtyard





massing diagrams





study models



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